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Mike Trabulsie Entrepreneur

As far back as Mike can remember, he's had the entrepreneurial spirit!  Before Mike was 20 years old, being an already deeply schooled and practiced drummer, his drum instructor suggested he start teaching.  Within 90 days, Mike had built himself an impressive roster of drum students and had his first successful business!  Since then, Mike has started over a dozen businesses; some in the music industry and some not.  Through all of Mike's business adventures, he has amply displayed the entrepreneurial spirit!  Today, with years of experience and many successes under his belt, Mike is focused on his most recent entrepreneurial adventure; "Mike Trabulsie Music", which is a conglomerate of music related businesses as follows;

mike trabulsie drumming screen shot (photo 1 - cropped close).jpg
Artist Rock Records 5 (jpeg).jpg
screen shot 3 (from rajah filming session).png
7 Veritas  The Hunter-8 mike t.jpg
TSUMAMI 5 (final cover).jpg
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