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About Mike Trabulsie

"The greatest loss is not death, it's what dies inside us while we live"!

Eagle Flying

Mike Trabulsie is a drummer, songwriter, music producer, author, educator, entrepreneur, and a martial artist!


Mike has devoted his life to perfecting himself and his musical artistry.  Mike is a deeply schooled and developed musician; an exciting, world-class professional drummer, a piano and multi-keyboard player, an accomplished songwriter, composer, and music producer, a published author, a successful entrepreneur and commercial real estate investor, and after 30 years of disciplined training in Shotokan and Shorin-ji-ryu Karate, Mike rose to a high ranking member of the Zen Bei Butoku-kai; an ancient Martial arts organization; established in Japan and brought to America after World War II. 


Mike is an Alumnus of the world-renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston Massachusetts and holds a bachelor's degree in Music Production and Engineering.  Mike has taught approximately 500 drum students over many years and is among the foremost authorities on drum education in the world.  To date, Mike has written and published 8 drum instruction books, with another 11 in production.  To date, Mikes' published books are; “Rock Drumming Techniques Book 1”,  “Mastering The Double Bass Drum Shuffle”, "A Mathematical Approach to Double Bass Drum Mastery", "A Mathematical Approach to Bass Drum Control", "An Introduction To Odd Time Signatures", "Explosive Double Bass Drums", "Rock Drum Fills (volume 1)", "Articles (volume 1)", and "Rock Drum Charts" which includes over 300 of Mikes' transcriptions of popular rock songs.  Mike has also written and published a book on the art of living called "The Book of Guidance, Wisdom, and Inspiration; a powerful guide to artful living", and another titled the "Dreams Workbook; a practical method for achieving success", being prepared for publication in the near future. 


In Mikes formative years he established and built a Boston based booking agency called "Creative Entertainment".  They provided entertainment for corporate events, nightclubs, hotels, country clubs, and all types of private events, and was the main referral agency for many country clubs and for some of Boston’s top hotels.  During the peak of Mikes tenure, his agency booked over 1,000 events annually, employed over 300 musicians as well as a small staff of administrators and booking agents. Mikes agency also helped launch the careers of many up and coming local artists.  


As a performer, Mike had the opportunity to play thousands of performances with all types of bands and received dozens of impressive accolades as well as interest from many national artists, performers, managers and industry professionals.   In 1997 Mike was heard by the great Ian Anderson of 70's superstar rock band Jethro Tull who told Mike to "keep in touch in case the drum chair in "Tull" becomes available"!   


Along the way, Mike's entrepreneurial ambitions drove him to "take a left turn" and led to a successful career as a commercial real estate investor.  Mike earned his real estate salespersons license, then his brokers' license, and in a period of only 5 years, built an impressive commercial real estate investment portfolio.  Mike has also written an excellent book on commercial real estate investing, scheduled for publication later this year,

From 2005 to 2019 Mike disappeared into the White Mountains of New Hampshire and while living the mountain life, spent those years refining his musical artistry and building a deep body of work, all of which he is now bringing to life!   Mike wrote approximately 150 original pop and rock songs, 2 mainstream rock albums, 2 progressive rock albums, a contemporary jazz album, and many instrumental fusion pieces.  Mike also built a commercial grade Pro Tools HD recording studio called Ascension Recording Studios, where he has been producing many of his original songs.  


Today, Mike has set out to build Mike Trabulsie Music;  a conglomerate of multiple music businesses which include "Artist Rock Records", "Mike Trabulsie Songs", "Mike Trabulsie Publishing", "Mike Trabulsie's 587 North", "Mike Trabulsie's 7 Veritas", "Mike Trabulsie Fusion"".  and one of Mike's most exciting endeavors; Mike Trabulsie's Institute for the Artistry of Drumming; a digital / on-line, drum instruction school.   To date, Mike has recored and made availab,e approximately 450 video drum lessons with many more in production.  

Today, Mike is fulfilling his ambitions as a drummer, songwriter, composer, music producer, author, recording artist, and entrepreneur and is bringing his musical talent, technique and entrepreneurial ambitions to the world! 

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